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Businesses need to have as much certainty as possible in order to adequately plan for the short term and long term. Unforeseen expenses can create significant problems for a company. Most business lawyers bill their time on an hourly basis. As a result, legal expenses can be a major source of uncertainty for business owners.

At Komninos Law Firm, PA, we have found a way to help businesses avoid the uncertainty and expenses associated with legal bills. In our Tampa office, we are equipped to serve businesses of all types throughout the region. In every matter, whether it involves transactional work or litigation, we will provide you with an accurate price for our work. This way, you will know immediately how much you will have to pay in attorney’s fees. Our firm’s founder and managing attorney, Spiro Komninos, is a business owner who understands a company’s need for certainty. Our law firm will work closely with you to help you achieve an optimal result that fits within your company’s budget.

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Tampa  Flat Fee Legal Services For Businesses Across Florida

Many smaller businesses do not have in-house counsel on staff. These businesses can still realize significant benefits by working with a lawyer. As part of our practice, we also offer flat-fee, prepaid legal services for businesses. Our law firm can serve as legal counsel for businesses that do not have in-house counsel. It can include many fairly routine legal matters, including:

  • Acting as a registered agent
  • Revising corporate documents
  • Drafting of demand letter and notices

As part of these flat-fee services, we will provide a Yearly Business Tune-Up, in which we can diagnose and address your company’s legal needs. This is all part of our firm’s mission to offer knowledgeable legal counsel to companies throughout the area without the uncertainty of the hourly billing model.

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