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The overall success of a company depends on many factors. A major factor in a company’s success is the strength of the relationship between the principals. When business partners or shareholders have substantive disagreements about various aspects of the company, it can cause profound damage. If you are a member of a partnership, a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC) and are in an intracompany dispute, it is important to have a skilled lawyer representing your interests. Komninos Law Firm, PA, represents businesses across the Tampa-St. Petersburg metropolitan area and throughout Florida in corporation, LLC and partnership disputes.

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Shareholder or partnership disputes can arise from many different circumstances, including:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of contract
  • Fraudulent acts by one partner
  • Disagreements over the direction of the company
  • Declining profits

In most partnership or shareholder disputes, there is some type of written operating agreement that clarifies each party’s rights and responsibilities. Our law firm will review this document and work diligently to enforce your rights.

Tampa business dispute attorney Spiro Komninos has substantial experience representing partners and shareholders of small- and mid-sized companies in corporate disputes. We will work closely with you to give you the best chance of achieving your objectives. If your goal is to save the business in some form, our law firm will advise you on the likelihood of this course of action. If dissolving the company is the only course of action, we can assist in this regard as well.

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