Our Clients, and their respective legal matters, are extraordinary and of vital importance to the attorneys and staff at Komninos Law Firm, P.A. We passionately  pursue and resolve legal matters which are challenging and require superior legal skills, talent and commitment. We are devoted and fortunate to represent clients who expect and deserve the benefit of having skilled legal advocates / counselors even in difficult, complex disputes. We are  dedicated to Our Clients and to the process of striving to achieve excellence in regard to their respective legal matters.  We serve Our Clients dutifully with passion, experience, intelligence, creativity, common sense, discipline and professional integrity. We recognize and sternly believe that the cornerstone of our success is the quality relationship which we establish and maintain with Our Clients who come from a wide array of backgrounds. In fact, we represent ( and litigate against) multimillion dollar companies. We also represent entrepreneurs, businesspersons, real estate and stock investors, retirees, not-for- profit corporations, and individual clients from all walks of life with a myriad of business, employment, real estate, estate planning, probate and investment law related  legal challenges. From the Conference Room to the Court Room we stand confident and committed to always striving to achieve outstanding legal outcome/results for Our Clients. We are not fully satisfied until we have accomplished Our Clients directives. Thus, we proudly pledge to strive to exceed Our Clients’ high expectations with each legal challenge we undertake.